Sunday, November 4, 2007

"Now that we've the end of the road..."

Well it's official...Friday night was the last game Pioneer will play in 8-Man Class B high school football for at least the next 2 years. OSSAA has moved us up to 11-Man and placed us in Class A. We are the smallest school in the class, regardless of district, so we are figuring we'll pretty much have our butts handed to us for the next 2 years. Although you never know....Cinderella stories do happen on occasion. *L* It almost happened for Enid High last year. Anyways, our final 8-Man game was against the Cherokee Chiefs and after a few nail-biting instances where it looked like Cherokee was going to win (keep in mind that Cherokee's entire student body is, like, 30 students...okay, a mild exaggeration but not by much)...the Mustangs finally pulled it out and won the game. Also, this is the first year since 1991 that Pioneer hasn't been in the Class B play-offs. *sigh* This group of kids has no "killer instincts" when it comes to sports. They're very uninvolved and show very little competition in anything at all. Gone are the days of Scroat and JoJo tearing up the field and Brody playing with so much hardware on his knee that they undressed him at least twice a game right there on the field to adjust his brace. No more Dusty wearing the "Ugly Shoe" for kick-offs and JJ and Garrett wearing "grandpa-style" black socks for luck. Those were fun games. Ah well....into the future of Pioneer football.

Favorite quote from a Pioneer football game: Brody had the ball and was running it up the field, the Coach for the other team was yelling at his players that were trailing behind Brody, "THAT BOY'S ONLY GOT ONE LEG AND HE'S BEATING YOU!!!" *ROTFLOL* Refering, of course, to Brody's knee brace.

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