Thursday, August 14, 2008

"Swim in the cove, have a snack in the grove..."

"...or you can rent a canoe..."

Or you can just hop on Michael and use his feet for paddles! *LOL* Richard says they must have put PAM in the water since it's not sticking to anybody. I must admit, there certainly are a lot of records, more than, more than smashed...I reckon OBLITERATED would work!

And the boy has done it again. #6 under his Speedos and heading to the semi heats for his next one. Wow...what must that feel like? How must it feel to be the "Most Decorated Athlete in the history of the Olympic Games"? Toto-lly unimaginable actually! *G*

Saw a cute article "5 Fun Facts About Michael Phelps" - one of them was that, aside from the "Super Powers" of the US and China - Michael himself has more medals than any other COUNTRY at the Beijing Olympic Games. Imagine that!!


Carolyn (sea mystery) said...

I didn't know Speedos could hold that much gold! :) xxoo

wvpaperwings said...

Go Baltimore!!! I got Matt to watch Mike with me and he was hooked! He wants to know how to practice so he can swim like that too. He was actually hanging off his seat during the competitions. And when I had to take a potty break (see-water-incontinence, you know) he was pounding on the door telling me how Mike was doing!