Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Oh nothing can stop the U.S. Air Force!"

I don't know if this is only in Oklahoma...but I sure hope not. Awhile ago I was at Wal-Mart picking up a few things. I walked out into the parking lot headed for my car. Directly in front of me was a young Black lady dressed in fatigues - obviously from Vance AFB.

As we walked up the aisle of the parking lot and she reached a battered pickup truck, we both heard a loud rumbly yell, "HEY LADY!!" The young woman almost jumped out of her skin and turned to look in the direction of the roar. I stopped several feet behind the young woman to make sure she would be okay. An older caucasian man, easily 60-65 years old, big and burly, jumped out of the passenger's side of the truck. She looked pretty frightened - then he snatched the hat off of his head and yelled, "Thank you for serving Ma'am! I appreciate it!" I saw all of the tension drain out of her and she stood up straight and faced him directly and said, "You're welcome sir, it's an honor!"

I watched her walk to her car with her head up high and pride in her step. My face was wet by the time I got to my car and I was thinking that I sure hope this isn't the only place that happens. I hope it's happening everywhere!

Please remember - the branch of the military doesn't matter - if you see a soldier,
airman, seaman, marine, etc., thank them! These days there is no such thing as "Peace time service".


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

What a great post! Thanks so much for sharing that. I give the 'thank you' hand sign to those in uniform by touching my heart and extending my hand toward them. It's a silent gesture I learned about from YouTube. You should see the smiles I get from them as they nod. xxoo

TuesdaysChild said...

BJ would greatly appreciate your post, Todus, and I certainly do! BJ is former Air Force, and so are both of his grandfathers, who are also two of his heroes. Knowing that you support and appreciate people in the position he and his grandfathers (and others like them from any of the branches) filled would mean the world to him, as it does to me! I'm with you 100%!
Funny wouldn't believe how many people thanked Ricky for his "service" after he came home. The haircut, the tattoos, the posture...I guess the lines between the two worlds are a little skewed LOL