Saturday, October 6, 2007

"Yeah I can be myself here in this small town..."

Today we embarked on a small project that we came up with...photographs of Enid. *LOL* It may sound a bit boring but we actually have some pretty interesting architecture around town and some pretty interesting "areas of interest". *L* Sorry about the repeat there, I didn't know how else to put it. Anyways, once I get all the photos (digital of course) ready and captioned I'll upload them to a Fotki site and let everyone know the address. Could be you'll find something that catches your fancy in "this small town"!

And I'll stop writing about Heroes for now (I'll keep those thoughts in emails to Aunt Cawnin) but I AM still interested in the new season of TV. I'm hooked (of course) on "Dancing With The Stars" and I think my current favorite is Helio Castroneves - he's a good dancer and such a cute and charming personality - I hope he wins! Another vice is "Dirty Sexy Money" - Trip is a trip! *LOL* The show is quite bizarre but funny and actually well-written (in my opinion). We are also watching "Cane" for now. A very different show in some ways, sometimes trying a little too hard but I think it may be getting better - we'll have to see. We gave "Pushing Daisies" a try and I'm thinking not. The narrator annoys the snot out of me and not just with his giving the exact hours, minutes, and seconds of everything and everyone - just his constant interruptions and his voice annoy me. We also tried "Reaper" and found the first episode very funny but the second not so much. We're still going to give it more of a try though. We found that we were not at all interested in "The Bionic Woman" - that girl will never be Jamie Sommers to me and I'm not even sure they gave her all the right parts - didn't they change something or other??

So now it's your turn. What are you watching, if anything, from the new season?? What are you watching from the previous season?? What do you hope will make it and what do you hope or think will tank?? "These are just a few questions I have..." *LOL*


Anonymous said...

I have not had tv since April. I have no idea what is on or off. Heroes sounds very complicated for my head though. Sorry I can't participate.

wvpaperwings said...

Anonymous is me (Susan). I can't remember how to log in to send a comment. But I'll try again so I don't have to be An. anymore. Oh, and I can't wait to see the Enid photos! You should have done this a looooong time ago!

sea mystery said...

Our brother gave me a laptop that I can (right now) get wireless internet access on. You know my luck though. But, I'm loving it ... being back on the WWW. *Smile*
I can't wait to see the pics too, and I've been taking some pics from Glen Burnie and here in the city. As soon as they're developed (from disposable cameras) will be sending some pics to you too.