Monday, October 1, 2007

"And then a hero comes along...with the strength to carry on..."

WOW!! *L* Honestly..."Heroes" just keeps getting better. Claire totally grossed me out with her toe...but at least now she knows for sure. I just wish she would have looked up when Mr. Muggles started jumping and looking to the sky....I'm sure her new friend was flying right above her. *LOL* And at least we know Peter hasn't lost his powers...although before he had to remember the person to manifest the he apparently doesn't have to do that. And he also apparently absorbed DL's ability to phase through things (the ropes on his wrists) and Jessica's super strength (throwing the guy almost through the wall). Peter is going to be VERY interesting! And Mohinder found the Haitian!!! Well, actually the "Company" did, but Mohinder saved him and made it possible to reunite him with Claire's father. Woohoo! The Haitian is back and his powers still work too!

And on to the questions...

WHAT in the world (or not in the world) was attacking Mrs. Petrelli????? It was almost like the invisible man had returned but he didn't hate any of them that I know of. And do you believe the Honduran twins????? Apparently her tears are like the plague and yet he can absorb them and heal whoever she kills - if he wants to, I presume, since he didn't heal any of the people on the truck. No wonder she's afraid to be away from him.

And just exactly HOW did Kensei heal himself from the arrow wounds and come back to life??? Did Hiro have something to do with it?? Toto is once again confused but totally intrigued! And Nikki/Jessica and Micah come back next week....maybe DL too, didn't see him on the preview though. Argh!! This show is totaly awesome and it totally drives me insane trying to figure it all out! But I'll be right there next week...ready for more!! *LOL*

"So when you feel that hope is gone
Look inside you and be strong
And you'll finally see the truth
That a hero lies in you"

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