Sunday, April 27, 2008

"Parsely, sage, rosemary, and thyme...."

What is it about Lowe's lately that I can't seem to walk in there without walking out having bought some new living thing???? *L* Yesterday we went in for sandpaper and a water filter and left with two rose bushes, a pot of tarragon, and a pot of rosemary - but forgot the sandpaper! *LOL* I did get pics of the new roses and the new herbs and they've been added to the photo album site in the House Flowers album.

We took a good long look at Lucy (the bush I was growing from a cutting) and found that she wasn't rooting at all....absolutely nothing. In fact, she was drying up before our eyes. Luckily we saw her at Lowe's yesterday so...yep...back to Lowe's this morning. *G* Remembered the sandpaper this time and, of course, came away with a new Lucy. We found out that she is actually a Golden Euonymus and in the winter the golden edges of her leaves will turn red! She's a beauty and she had a nice dense root ball when I transplanted her so I'm hoping she'll grow like crazy. I'll have to keep her well pruned since I have her in a container - I'm going to try keeping her sort of round. We've discussed having Richard build another planter and maybe putting an azalea bush in it. I've loved azaleas ever since the house on Bedford Road.

I wasn't able to find any thyme but I'm still looking. I'd also like to grow some sage. That would give us a very nice basic selection of herbs to cook with. I've really gotten into fresh herbs thanks to the Food Network...especially Rachel Ray. She's annoying most of the time but she has some decent ideas and she almost always works with fresh herbs. I've become quite addicted to the taste in my foods anymore. *LOL*

And Aunt Cawnin...the sunflowers wouldn't do well in a container so we're deciding where we might like them in the yard. Once we pick a spot we'll have to check the drainage and such but our goal is to get them planted when we can!

I reckon that's about all for now. Just wanted to update everyone on the new plant babies. *L* Oh...and the yellow roses look like they're about to burst into bloom....once they do I'll get some photos.

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sea mystery said...

I LOVE this post. Was just thinking about how I love fresh herbs, but can't pick them out in the grocery store unless I have help. Maybe after they get bigger, someone might bag some, label them and send them to me.(hint,hint) :)
The rose bushes look really good and sorry to hear about the other Miss Lucy. Hope Lucy II grows big and strong for you. I remember the azalia bushes at Bedford Road too ... miss that place. xxoo