Saturday, April 19, 2008

"...That ol' wind had once again found it's way home."

Aunt Cawnin wrote, "Wish they would get these windmill things up and running so everyone can just pay a price yearly for the maintenance of them. Did anyone think of that?"

The Daily Oklahoman had a headline today: " T. Boone Pickens to import water, wind power to North Texas"

Boone is known around here as "Mr. OSU" - an alumni and staunch supporter of Oklahoma State University - their football stadium is named for him and he's invested more money in this state than God could count. He made several fortunes in the oil and gas industries and while this project, a 1.5 billion dollar investment of his money, is slated for Dallas and the surrounding areas, he has a history of trying things in Texas (lives in Dallas at the moment) then bringing them up to OK.

So Aunt Cawnin, your foresight is working overtime! *L* Boone agrees with you and is working to make those thoughts reality.

Another little tidbit I thought ya'll might find interesting!

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sea mystery said...

A big 'WooHoo' to T. Boone Pickens ... my kinda guy! Maybe when he gets this thing off and running, he can take a trip to the East Coast and invest some money here. He'd be a bazillionaire in no time. I've always believed in taking some of this "unused" and "neglected" land to put those windmills up. Right now, University Hospital and Johns Hopkins seem to be trying to outdo each other on how much land they can monopolize here in Baltimore. I need to hit the Mega Millions just once. :) xxoo