Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Time won't let me....oh no..."

Well, the song actually says "wait that long" but my problem is more like "let me do what I want". *L* I apologize for not posting again - It's been a busy past two weeks and if it has slowed down at all it's not by much.

Last weekend we were in OKC since Eric had Small School All-State Honor Band on Saturday. On Sunday morning he was flying out for Vision Weekend at Rice, so we decided to just spend the night down there. We had a really good dinner at the Red Lobster right near the hotel, did some shopping, dropped him at the airport Sunday morning, and spent the rest of the day shopping at Penn Square Mall. Then on Tuesday he flew back into Will Rogers so Laura and I made a trip after work to get him. That pretty much blew Tuesday night. The rest of the week was work and the Y and then I had to work for a few hours Saturday morning. Phew...I'm REALLY glad today is Sunday. Except for doing laundry, I'm catching up on emails and basically being a slug.

Oh...okay...well...I fibbed a bit. Apparently we are also going to clean the aquarium. *L* I have a choice of now or later so I'm sorry dear Sisters...I believe I will choose now so that it's over with. The remaining fish - Daemon the angelfish, Blueberry the fruited tetra, Glowee the orange glo-fish, and Albert (Algae algae eater) will thank us. Hey! It's just about the only way I get near water around here! *LOL* Well, aside from shower water anyways. So, gonna go and make the fishies smile. Love ya's!

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Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Glad you had a good time and you know I keep checking my favorite blogs to see who posted. :) Yes, like you, I miss the 'big water' of our Ocean so much. Sister S just reminded me of when I used to take the Greyhound bus for the weekend. I miss it! Just like I miss you! xxoo