Friday, June 5, 2009

"Science fiction.....double feature..."

"Dr X....will build a creature
See androids fighting.......Brad and Janet
Anne Francis stars in........Forbidden Planet
Wo oh oh oh oh oh
At the late night, double feature, picture show"

from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"

So...we went down to Houston to see Phillip and
Stephanie and Bryan last weekend. Phillip and
Steph were very good hosts and we did several interesting things. One of their ideas was to go to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Katy, Texas. Phillip currently teaches at a school in Katy, that's why we chose this one. Anyways - this was truly a unique 'dinner and a movie' experience!

We saw the new "Star Trek" movie - which in my opinion was pretty good, very funny, and quite enjoyable. In each theater there are the usual rows of seats (very comfortable too) but with a bar type table running in front of them. You choose your seat, peruse the menu, write what you want on the order papers and place them in the holder at the front of the bar table. A waiter/waitress comes and gets your order, then brings your dinner to you. It's an eclectic menu - everything from pizza and chicken strips to Asian salads. We all had pop but of course you can order from an extensive selection of beers and wines. The wait staff will come back and check on you frequently but they don't disturb you during the movie. You can order up until last call which is about 30 minutes before the movie ends. During the movie I had the potato skins, which were REALLY good, and the chicken strip dinner. The barbecue sauce was a bit odd - it had a kind of citrus after-taste - but the chicken was good and the fries were wedge-cut steak fries with a seasoning over them. All in all it was delicious! I wish we had something like this in Oklahoma - I would definitely be a more regular movie-goer!

To see more about the Drafthouse Cinema they have a web site at As I said, we went to the one on Mason in Katy.


Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Sounds like a fun day! Glad you got to see the new Trek movie. Did you like Sylar playing Spock? I can't wait to see it myself, but will have to wait for the DVD. I just knew what you would have to eat as they are your favorite things. :) Did you enjoy being in Texas? xxoo

No1sRed said...

Texas was pretty nice...loooong drive though. *L* Sylar did well as Spock...there were a couple of surprises and he's not quite Leonard Nimoy. That man could convey an entire sentence with one quirked eyebrow. Oh, and Sylar's mouth has a tiny little upturn at each end - he almost looks like he's smiling at a private joke

wvpaperwings said...

Good heavens I wish we had a theater like that here!
Too cool! I will have to wait until the Trek is on tv to see it.
And Spock had a small upturn to his mouth too when he was young -- then they told him he would only be able to have sex every 10 years, but only if he won the fight! He's Vulcan but he's still a MALE!