Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"And Windy has stormy eyes..."

And we've gotten both lately. I know this is Oklahoma - where the wind comes sweeping down the Plains - but give it a rest! It feels like we have 2 or 3 days of WIND...not wind, mind you...but WIND and then 2 days of storms. The winds are generally around 20-30 miles an hour, sometimes stronger, and when it rains, it RAINS. The other day we got about 4-5 inches in a 12 hour period. And that was just the latest in a long line we've had so far. The trees are bent in the wind's direction and the grass is pretty battered down. The farmers are crying...I know, farmers always cry about something...but this time they have reason. At least the wheat farmers do. They might get one or two good days to harvest then they have to wait another one or two to let everything dry out again. You walk outside and don't dare open your mouth most times because all you'll end up with is a mouthful of grit and dirt. Everything is dusty both inside and out - the house, the office, the people. Even the OK natives are saying they've had enough for now.

Okay...I'll stop whining and complaining now. *L* But speaking of OK natives...there was a piece on the radio the other day about how a transplanted Oklahoman knows they've really become a true Oklahoman and I'm rather proud to say that I've made it. *LOL* I can't recall everything they listed but I've definitely been within a mile of a big tornado (had two F5s pass closer than a mile on both sides of me when I lived in OKC), I've taken shelter in a small windowless room during a storm (different tornado), I've been a good Samaritan (stayed with a lady I worked with while waiting for her son when her car died), and I know by habit which station to turn to as soon as I hear the weather radio go off. I also know not to panic every Wednesday at noon when they test the sirens. Oh, and I've chosen a in-state college football team to root for....GO POKES!! *L* I reckon that makes me an Okie good enough.

It doesn't mean that I don't miss the water though. We have plenty of lakes and such but there's nothing like the ocean...and there never will be. And of course, I don't mean that big thing out west that has no personality. I'm talking about the grand old lady Atlantic. Now THERE'S personality and character! The storms out here can be awesome but still don't beat a good hearty Nor'Easter blowing in. Out here the storms eat wooden houses....back East they chew concrete and spit it back out! *G* And I guess that's enough waxing nostalgic about my ocean. *sigh*

Sadly, we lost two fish within a day of each other recently. One of our fruited tetras and one of our Sunburst wags passed away. I hope there isn't something going on in the tank. We have very nice fish at the moment and I'd like to keep them that way. It still leaves us with 3 fruities, 2 Sunbursts, 2 chefs, Deamon the angelfish, a few guppies, all 6 of the Glowfish, and Al...who is huge and sassy as ever. Richard swears Al is a girl because every time we clean the tank, Al redecorates. Doesn't matter where we put the plants and rocks, Al moves them to where ever he wants them to be. And for a big old carpy looking thing he sure is cute when he tucks himself across the bubble curtain stone and gets his spa treatment. *L* He's quite spoiled and quite happy to stay that way.

Another not-so-happy thing - I think our rose bushes have aphids. Looks like a piranha went chewing on their leaves, the poor things. The yellow bush is leafless at the moment and the pink/white bush is fairly chewed up too. We put some stuff on them to take care of the bugs, any diseases, and to feed them. Just waiting to see if it works. Most of the other plants are doing well. Ruby seems to be dropping some of her leaves but I fertilized her the other day as well and I'll see how she does with it. We can't really plant anything else at the moment - anything small or young will get drowned before it can take hold right now. The tomatoes seem to be loving the storm-heat cycle though.

Well...I think my head is empty for the moment so I'll hush for now. Back again soon if I don't blow away or float away. *LOL*

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sea mystery said...

Sorry to hear about your fish and your flowers. During the wind, did you see the wicked witch go by? :)

And, yes, the Atlantic is in your blood and always will be. Remember Susan's poem, "Sisters Down the Ocean." xxoo