Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Let's talk about sex, Baby......"

"Sex and the City" actually! *L* We went to see it last night and it was everything it was supposed to be. Which, in a word, is Fabulous. The settings, the fashion, the hair, the shoes, the purses - it was all either fabulous or fabulously awful...which is what "Sex and the City" has ALWAYS been about. *G* I've watched it off and on over the years but always enjoyed it for one reason or another. Now Laura and I are thinking we need to rent each season and watch it through - we enjoyed it that much. And we've also decided that we want to see "Mamma Mia!" when it makes it to Enid. A total "chick flick" and, at least from the previews we saw, looks like it will be a lot of fun. And I want to see "Wall-E" - looks like Pixar could have another "Cars" on their hands and I absolutely LOVED the pop culture references in "Cars". It's Route 66 and Toto-ly retro...what's not to love???? *LOL*

And now for my ironically funny movie story from last night. Okay, so we went to the movies courtesy of Tim Webb (used to be the Willow Plant Manager for Advance) - he gave me the movie tickets in return for some research that I did for him last year. Side note: he gave me 6 tickets and we don't actually GO to the movies very often, as you can tell. Anyways, so we're at the movies on free tickets. "Sex" is playing in the smallest theater at Oakwood Mall - not surprising, it's not a new release and this IS Enid, America - there were a total of 14 people in the room. When we get there the theater is a bit messy...not totally trashed, just some drink cups in the holders, pop corn tub on the floor, some pop corn scattered I said, messy but not trashed. Apparently they had forgotten to come in after the last showing and clean things up - so the Asst. Manager comes in, apologizes for the mess, and gives everyone there a ticket for a free movie - any movie, any time. There were only 7 of us in there at that time and we thought that was pretty cool and thanked him for the consideration. So we watch the previews and then the movie starts. It immediately goes 'off-frame' - you can see a wide black strip, everyone's heads, and it cuts them off right below the neck. There are 14 of us in the theater by now - one other lady and I go to tell the management that the film is off. They stop the film...get it reframed...and we're off again. Suddenly the dialog becomes very garbled and the frame jumps again. The other lady stands up and tells me, "I've got this one" and goes outside again. She comes back in as the film stops and the movie trivia screens pop back up again and says to the assemblage, "This is my fault everyone, I went and told them about the sound. I can't understand it through the garble." Everyone thanks her and we sit and read movie trivia for a few minutes. Next the Manager comes in, apologizes for the inconvenience, says they are resetting the projector and it will just be a minute. In the meantime he comes around and hands everyone a ticket for a free movie - any movie, any time - to make up for our screening problems. We all thanked him for the consideration. After he leaves the older lady sitting in the row in front of us looks at us and the people a couple seats down on our row (the original 7 from the first ticket give-away) and says, "Gee, I wonder what we can do to the movie next...this is getting profitable!" Her husband said, "Well....they just made bringing you to this movie worth it!" The people who came in later looked puzzled but we 'originals' roared. And the movie started back up and ran much better, although they never completely got the sound corrected - no indecipherable garble but a bit of static once in a great while, and a good time was had by all. So there you have it.....went to the movies for free...and got 2 free movies out of the trip! As they say....only in America! *ROTFL*


sea mystery said...

Love the story about the free tickets ... don't like Sex in the City at all! You know how I am about those kinds of shows.

Now it's my turn to pout ... did you get my post for your blog? xxoo

wvpaperwings said...

As usual, I have probably missed out on some "cult classic" but I never could get into Sex in the City. And so I won't see the movie either. But the story about the movie tickets was really good. Turning lemons into lemonade!