Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Time has come today...."

Okay, not a total emergency but definitely something to take care of. The current computer is slowly leaving us. Within the past few months we have experienced 2 "organ" (hardware) failures and it is slowly sliding into total system shut down. Not to mention the fact that it is truly a dinosaur in tech years. Luckily we placed it on "heart-lung bypass" after the first failure so all important files are on separate external hard drives and all important programs are backed-up. We also budgeted for the time when we would have to choose its successor.

That time has come today. The local Staples had a good deal on an HP machine with a 750 Gb hard drive, 8 Gb of RAM, SuperMulti DVD burner with LightScribe, a graphics card with 256 Mb of dedicated memory, and running the Windows Vista OS. The currently running computer has 256 Mb of RAM total! This new one should fly! *LOL*

Of course, we also had to get a new cable modem since the current one is not compatible with Vista and we had to upgrade the Microsoft Office to 2007 for the same reason. Staples did throw in the HP printer though - not a bad deal considering the curent printer is approximately 12 years old and the cost of one black ink cartridge for it is more than the cost of both the black AND color cartridges of the new printer. It's still a deskjet, not a laserjet, but I'm totally okay with that. My little deskjet has been an absolute workhorse. And it was free too at the time! Can't complain.

But the new puter is ordered and will be in on Thursday. Oh, and they are also going to set it up in the store. Once we pick it up all we will have to do is plug it in, connect the external drives and modem, make a few modifications, and fire it up. Much better to let them download the 4 hours of updates and install the full version of Office than for us to spend time doing it.

The only thing I'm unsure about is how long it will take to get the email program back up and running. We're currently trying to remember the passwords we used and such. If nothing else I will have the hotmail and gmail available so I'll still be accessible over the net. And I'll let everyone know as soon as we get the email straightened out of course. Right now it's kinda like Christmas all over again....I can't wait!! *LOL* I'll keep you posted!

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Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Great news on the new computer! I know you'll be very happy when everything's back to where it should be. I'm thankful to have the laptop our brother gave me and the wireless internet connection from the landlord for free. Trying to upgrade to at least a printer/scanner combination so that I can scan stuff instead of asking someone else to do it. xxoo