Monday, January 26, 2009

"Ice, ice, Baby..."

And believe me, it "sucks, sucks, Baby"! Yep, the winter storm is coming through and decided to spit on Enid. I left the office and went to my car and found about 1/8 inch of ice on one side and about 1/16 inch on the other side. Sounds like such a tiny bit doesn't it? Yeah...I was scraping my little arms off for about 20 minutes and hadn't really made even a dent in it - then God sent me an Angel. Rusty, one of our Maintenance guys, came out to salt the sidewalks. I thought it was strange that he came over by the car and poured a little pile of salt near the curb. And then he showed himself to be that Angel I mentioned. He told me to stand over where he had just salted so I wouldn't slip and fall, and proceeded to take my ice scraper and scrape my windows front to back! When he was done he stayed and made sure I got into the car without slipping, and asked if the other ladies from the office area had left yet. I told him they had not and he said he would go in and get their keys and warm and scrape their cars so they would be ready when they left.

Yes, Virginia, there are Angels. And one of them is named Rusty.

Thank you for sending one my way, Lord. And St. Peter, when you record today in your book, please make sure to put several VERY LARGE check marks next to Rusty's name. Sounds like a deal to me Guys - you send him the blessings and I'll send him some cookies! *G*


wvpaperwings said...

"Maybe he's an Angel, sent here from heaven...."
Glad to know the Angels are still with us. I believe I was sent an Angels once -- but that's another story. Please take care Toto, the storms aren't over yet. We got snow today and tonight we are getting sleet. Hate it also but I will make it thru.
Love you!

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Please be careful as I know how bad your ice storms can get. I remember the pictures. Glad your 'angel' was there to help you. They are still out there, just harder to find sometimes. Take care of you. xxoo