Friday, January 2, 2009

"When the moon.... in the 7th House..."

I saw the coolest thing the other night! On Tuesday, Dec. 30 there was supposed to be a conjunction in the night sky where you could see three planets and the moon. We went outside just after sunset and lo and behold...we saw them!! It was exceptionally cool! First you had to find the crescent moon in the Southern sky...then look slightly to the West of the bottom tip...and there was Venus! It's so bright and pretty, it looked like a diamond sparkling up there! Okay, so then you were supposed to draw a line from Venus towards the Southwest directly to the spot where the sun went down and there they were! Jupiter and Mercury right next to each other riding just above the horizon! Jupiter was brighter than Mercury but not as bright as Venus of course. Mercury looked like a tiny reddish light sitting there - Jupiter sparkled a little but like I said, nothing like Venus. I was so amazed at this sight - I just thought that was the neatest thing ever! *L*

Oh, and since I'm not really fond of "resolutions" - I've made an "agreement" with myself that I will try to post once a week, circumstances permitting. I may have to do it once every two weeks now and again but hopefully I won't have to drop to posting only once a month. Hmmmm...but even that would be better than lately. *hanging my head in shame* All in all - I really intend to try and post more often. But we all know about "the best laid plans of mice and..." ... Totos!

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Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Wish I could be outside to see things like this, but we all know it's not good to be 'in the dark' at night around here. :)

I like that resolution and hope you give it the old college try. xxoo