Sunday, September 2, 2007

"Mamas, don't let your babies....."

"...grow up to be Sooners!!!" *LOL* Well, I'm batting 1000 here. First the Mustangs go down in flames, then the Cowboys fall off their horses. Yes, yes...Georgia whupped the Pokes 35-14. *sigh* I still say "GO POKES"!!!! *G*

I'm watching our new angelfish at the moment. 2 new angels! They're both white with a touch of "goth" - they have a fine edging of black on their dorsal (back) fins and tail fins and they both have a black stripe through each eye. Pretty cool looking actually. Their names are Daemon and Lucivar - it just didn't seem fitting for true Angel names like Gabriel and Michael had, since they aren't pure white, and we didn't want true "Devil" names like the two short-lived black angels that we had before. We settled on ones in the middle from "The Black Jewels Trilogy" by Anne Bishop. I said that if you could tell females from males in angelfish I would get a pure black female and name her Janelle from the same book. *LOL* They have acclimated very well and seem to be getting along just fine with the other fishies. Daemon has longer whiskers than Lucivar, just like Mike and Gabe when they were small. Not sure if they'll get as big but they're very pretty when they do. Now all I need are two red velvet swords and the aquarium will be complete again.

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