Saturday, September 1, 2007

"Are you ready for some football........"

The high school/college football season has arrived in Oklahoma!

"On your feet for P - H - S we're! Fight! Fight!"

Actually the Pioneer season began on Thursday night and it wasn't exactly monumental. We played Community Christian and lost 10 to 8. According to Eric (still too hot out for me so I stayed home), our defense isn't too bad but our offense stinks up the joint. *L* I'll probably go to next week's game and see for myself. Considering that next year we move to 11-man and go up to Class A, I think the years of a state championship for Pioneer are long gone. *sigh* I guess we'll see.

Oklahoma State University starts it's season today against the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. As I write this they should be starting in about 15 minutes or so. Got to root for the Cowboys and answer the question, "How Orange are YOU??" *G*

(Cowboys a-riding, lassoes a-flying, under the western sky.
And as they ride, we rise to sing, and shout our battle cry!)
Ride, ride, ride, ride,
Ride 'am Cowboys, right down the field;
Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
Fight 'em Cowboys, and never yield.
Ride, ride, ride, ride,
Ride on Cowboys, to victory;
Cross (opponent)'s goal;
Then we'll sing 'O-kla-homa State!'

GO POKES!!!!!!!!!


wvpaperwings said...

Am I ready for some football?! I have been dreading this time all summer! Now I have to watch 9 months of football while I am at work. And it started today - WVU/WMU game. At least WVU won - rah-rah-rah, siss-boom-chakalaka

No1sRed said...

Nah...I LOVE football season. Don't get me wrong, I can get tired of watching it too but when I'm in the mood I love a good game! *L* Congrats on the win...."How 'bout them 'eers?!?!?" Wow, I still remember that!