Friday, August 24, 2007

"And diamonds are a girl's best friend...."

Are you ready for this??? On Wednesday I had $23,000 worth of diamonds on my little finger!! No lie, I swear! One of the girls at work, Jane, owns the ring and here is the story: Jane's mother-in-law is a home health aide and was taking care of a lady on the outskirts of Hennessey. The lady passed away and her husband gave Jane's m-i-l her jewelry box saying he just didn't want any of it around. This was about 2 years ago and the gentleman has also passed away since then. Anyways, Jane's m-i-l told her to go through the box and pick out a few of the things she picked was what she assumed was a cubic zirconia ring. It has a three carat stone in the center with a swirl of smaller stones around the top and bottom and it's in a beautiful deco setting. So...Jane decides to get it appraised (since high quality cubics can run up to $200) at Ediger's Jewelry and finds out the ring is currently worth $23, 650.00. Isn't that amazing?!?!? So Wednesday she said she just felt like wearing it and she showed it to me....I loved the deco setting (it really reminded me of some of the Sarah Conventry settings) and asked if I could try it on. She said of course I could and tah-dah! The Todus had $23,000 worth of diamonds on her hand!!!! I realize this may only be fascinating to another magpie like myself but I just had to share the experience!

"But square cut or pair shape these rocks don't lose their shape,
Diamonds are a girl's best friend."


sea mystery said...

I can relate as I always wear my diamonds. Never wore any worth that much, but did hold Liberace's hands at Painters Mill. *Smile*

No1sRed said...

I've ALWAYS loved your diamonds! *G* And it was just too cool to wear that ring!

KatiDoodles said...

From one magpie to another....
*GASP* "Miss Brizz! You [had] a SPARKLY!!!"
I, too, appreciate my sparklies...especially the ones from Nanny and Aunt Cawnin and Aunt Norie, and my very first purple sparkly from my Tody!

Anonymous said...

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