Wednesday, August 1, 2007

"And the thunder rolls..."'s thundering outside. We could be in for a decent storm this evening, or it could break up and flow around Enid like it usually does. *L* We can be really lucky like that...unless you're in the mood for a good old fashioned noisy blow. Then it sort of sucks.

I called the Poppy on Monday to see how he was doing and since Sunday was their anniversary. He sounded pretty good actually. Neither of us brought up the anniversary although we did talk about Nan for a bit. I saw a beautiful plaque in a Harriet Carter catalog just yesterday and it made me cry, but the sentiment was sooooo beautiful: God saw her getting tired, a cure not meant to be, so He put His arms around her, and whispered..."Come with Me". Okay, every time I read it my eyes spill. I know Nan wasn't a big believer in God but I'd really like to think that her moment was kind of like this. My heart speaking of course, my head tells me that faith is for the living because those who have gone on know the truth.

I warned you that this would be whatever was going through my head. 'nuf said.

Changing the direction (but not changing the topic completely), we've lost a few of the fishies lately. First it was Gabriel, our big white beautiful angelfish. He lived a good long while though and was absolutely huge with long flowing underwhiskers. We also noticed that one of the Chefs was no longer in the tank. Not sure where he went but the other Chefs have been accused of practicing their sashimi skills again. We really couldn't tell them apart when we got them so we decided that, to remain true to the show, Michiba was the one that left. And after outliving his two women our red velvet sword, Inigo ("My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die"), has also left us. I definitely want to get more swords, they are gorgeous, and this time I want to try and raise some sword babies. Last time we raised fancy guppy babies and those have done quite well. We're starting to get low on really cool names though...and let's face it....our fish have had some of the coolest names EVER. *LOL*

Have you ever noticed that sometimes a YooHoo totally hits the spot?? Bryan says that YooHoo is my "beer" - he could be right since I hate beer (bitter, ick) but I LOVE YooHoo. Sometimes it can completely de-stress me. *L*

Well...I guess my head is empty for the moment. See you back here when it fills up again! *G*

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