Saturday, August 4, 2007

"Dance like nobody's watching..."

Okay, I admit it. I'm completely hooked on the dance shows. I loved the last two seasons of "Dancing With The Stars" (although I thought Layla was MUCH more personable than Joey, I'm still glad Apolo won) and I haven't missed an episode of "So You Think You Can Dance" in what, 3 years now? Can't help it on that one, those kids are talented! I was so glad when Benji won last year - he may not have been the best dancer but he was definitely the best performer. This year I'm fairly torn - Danny is the better dancer but very distant, while Neil is a much better performer. He has really grown on me a lot. Pascha is an excellent partner and he seems to try really hard no matter what dance they throw at him. As for the girls, Sabra seems to have it all - great dancer, great performer, everything. But I also like Lacey...she's an excellent dancer with a great personality and a lot of fun to watch. Lauren I could care less about - in my opinion she's there only because she helped one of the choreographers last season. If you made me choose I'd say that Sabra is the winner at this moment.

Ever notice how really pretty sunflowers make you smile...almost whether you want to or not?? There's an older man lives on the corner of Lookout and Antelope and every year he plants a small garden. Around the fence edges of the garden he plants these tall sunflowers. I see them every day on my way home from work and no matter what the day has been like, they always make me smile. I was never a big sunflower fan when I was younger but lately I seem to like them more and more. Not so much as a motif in decorating or anything, but the real live flowers are just so darned pretty. *L*

We just spent the entire morning and afternoon out shopping. OK is having their annual back-to-school "No Tax Weekend" and several of the stores are having sales. So veni, vidi, Visa - We went, we saw, we spent. *LOL* Actually I didn't spend a thing - Eric got shoes and some t-shirts for school, Richard got some t-shirts and shoes for the Y, Laura got some shoes for the Y, and together they bought a new cable to connect the camcorder to the DVD recorder to make copies of the wedding video - no tax on anything but the cable. I didn't find anything I especially wanted so I spent nothing. Now last night at Wally World (Wal-Mart, of course) I had the pictures printed and bought a small frame for the one for Poppy, but that's the extent of my spending this weekend. I was a VERY good girl. *G*

Well crud. I just realized that I missed "Celtic Woman: A New Journey" last night. It was on PBS as part of AugustFest and I meant to have it taped but I forgot. Dadgum it, I really like the Celtic music shows they put on and I can't believe I missed this one.

Oh, one thing I didn't miss though....I finished The Deathly Hallows! Good enough book.... a bit different from what I expected, but all-in-all a good read. It's been around long enough that I'm going to miss the series. *L* I'll have to re-read the books and be content with the movies...although, compared to the books, the movies are too choppy and don't explain enough for me. I know, I know....they have a limited amount of time to tell an entire story but still. The first movie was really good...I loved being able to actually see Hogwarts and Diagon Alley and all - but in the later movies there are always so many details glossed over or left out. *shrug* Anyways, just my opinion but I definitely prefer to read the books.

Well...I guess my head is empty again for now. *L* "You got to sing sometimes like you don't need the money...Love sometimes like you'll never get hurt....You got to dance, dance, dance like nobody's watchin'....It's gotta come from the heart if you want it to work..."

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