Thursday, August 9, 2007

"Where have all the flowers gone....."

My older gentleman gardener has harvested his sunflowers. *le sigh* No more smiles on my way home from work. I guess I'll content myself with looking at the sunflowers on the earrings and bracelet set that Aunt Cawnin sent for my birthday. Those are absolutely beautiful! And speaking of birthday gifts, one more HUGE thank you to Susan for her story...I'll cherish that for the rest of my days. And I'm very glad y'all wouldn't have eaten me anyways. *ROTFLOL*

Don't have much in my head today, I think the heat melted it all. *L* I can't complain really, we made it all the way to August before we got zapped with temps over 100 degrees. That's saying a lot for Oklahoma - we usually start seeing the 100's in June! We had a very rainy beginning of the summer and I think we're going to pay for that now. There was a thin line of thunderstorms Southeast of Enid this morning but they're all gone now and nothing else is coming as yet. We're going to be sunny and steamy and icky for the next several days according to the weather guys.

I can't wait for Fall to arrive. At Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby they already have all the Fall colored flowers and such out in the craft aisles and it's so pretty. I've even picked up a few Christmas presents already! And believe it or not, I even have ones for the older guys. *L* They are the hardest to shop for and I'll grant you...they'll be getting the same thing...but I think it's a pretty cool thing.

Oh yeah, for my birthday I also got an mp3 player and some new earphones and the fifth season of "Scrubs" on DVD. All in all a pretty cool day in my opinion! *G*


Puds said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TODUS DEMODUS!!! I'm SO sorry that I didn't email you sooner, but I have been working and getting my new apartment together. I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU! MANY MANY MANY hugs and loves and kisses to you!!

No1sRed said...

Thank you muchly my Puddy-Girl!I love you and miss you too! And many many many hugs and kisses right back at ya Puds!