Friday, August 17, 2007

"Let the little girl dance..."

Sabra won!!!! Sabra won!!! Yeeeehaaaa!!! *LOL* Okay...made it down to the last two contestants...they had already eliminated Lacy....sad, but okay....then they eliminated Neil..... exceptionally sad but still okay......I was gritting my teeth that it would NOT be Danny. Don't get me wrong, technically Danny was almost flawless but performance-wise yuk. I really only started to see him show any personality at all in the last two weeks but he always showed A LOT of arrogance. Anyways, Sabra might not have had flawless technique but she is a small girl who dances very big and has a way of pulling you into the dance with her. She truly dances from her heart and it flows throughout her whole little body.

So they announced the winner and it was Sabra! What do you know....America got it right two years in row! *LOL*

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